Hydroquinone Update – Go Hydroquinone Free!

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Hydroquinone Update

You may have read previous articles or posts on our site or others about the highly-controversial ingredient hydroquinone, which is the most commonly used skin bleaching agent in the U.S. Hydroquinone essentially shuts down melanin production and can be found in large numbers of both prescription (at the 4% level) and over-the-counter (at the 2% level) skin lighteners. The main issues of controversy surrounding hydroquinone are skin irritation and the potential for a rare side effect known as ochronosis, when long term use with high potency hydroquinone, particularly in people of color, may be associated with darkening of the treated area rather than lightening.

However, hydroquinone has also been reported to cause some mutations in lab research on Salmonella and hamsters as well as possibly causing liver cancer and leukemia in rats. While until recently considered by the FDA to have a high safety rating here in the U.S., for these reasons, hydroquinone is banned for use as a bleaching agent in Europe, Japan and South Africa.

Now it seems authorities in Texas have taken action against its use in their state. The Texas Attorney General’s office recently informed one hydroquinone maker there that selling hydroquinone through physicians and medical-spas is against the Texas Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act as an unapproved drug, banning its use. Several high-profile individual lawsuits have also been filed against hydroquinone makers in other states.

If you regularly use skin-bleaching products, but wish to adopt the “better safe than sorry” attitude and eliminate hydroquinone from your regimen. DERMAdoctor Immaculate Correction potent hydroquinone-free skin brightener is hydroquinone free. This breakthrough treatment takes aim at blotchy skin discoloration while firming and toning aging skin and improving the appearance of fine wrinkle lines.

By Amy Burger
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