Tease Zone for Skin That's Perfect to a T

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Skin That's Perfect to a T

I have what you'd call "combination skin." While my cheeks get dry, I tend to get oily in that notorious problem area known as the "T-Zone," which sweeps across the forehead and down the nose to the chin. The T-Zone has caused many teenagers (and plenty of adults) sleepless nights as the focus of breakouts, whiteheads, redness and that embarrassing “shiny” look. So what’s with the T-Zone's greasy nature? This area simply has more oil glands than other parts of the face. The weather can affect it as well – making you feel like an oil slick on warm, humid days.

I've always kept a small compact of face powder in my purse or glove compartment to handle these shiny moments (especially in the summer), which provides some instant relief; but after a couple of hours, my face just becomes a mess of oily powder. Now, troublesome T-Zones of the world can rejoice thanks to DERMAdoctor's incredible Tease Zone oil control gel. Forget covering up the problem and actually solve it.

This lightweight oil control gel goes on over moisturizer, disappearing instantly and leaving skin smooth and dry (but not too dry), creating a perfect "matte" look. It's also great as a foundation primer (and works on all skin types), allowing makeup to glide on smoothly and not "mingle" with existing oil. Its unique formula contains patented Sebum Sequestering Micro-Particles that absorb surface skin oils like a sponge without drying the skin and help reduce visible pore size for a perfectly flawless face.

I like to keep a bottle of Tease Zone it in my bag at all times for mid-day (or midnight) touch-ups, even over my make-up – great for long days at the office, traveling, nights on the town or days at the beach. Lose the powder and get Tease Zone for all-day control and skin confidence.

Amy Burger
DERMAdoctor Staff Writer

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