Payment Options

Payment Options

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.  We accept Paypal.  We also accept Bitcoin.  We also accept personal checks and Money Orders (domestic US only). If you wish to pay by check or Money Order, please call to order (toll free 1-877-DERMADR). These payments can be mailed to:

DERMAdoctor, Inc.
1901 McGee Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

Sales Tax

All orders outside of Missouri, Illinois and Washington are free of sales tax. Missouri residents are charged a 9.35% sales tax, Illinois residents are charged a 6.25% sales tax and Washington residents are charged a 6.5% sales tax.

Promotional Codes

Often times, our email newsletter or Affiliate sites may provide a special offer with a promotional code. These promotional codes are used during the checkout process to receive the associated order credit or promotional item for qualifying orders. Promotional codes always have an expiration date, and orders placed after the expiration will not receive the promotional offer. Orders placed prior to the special offer are not eligible for a promotional credit. Only one promotional code may be used per order.

If you return items purchased using a promotional code and the remaining order no longer meets the code guidelines, the promotional discount will be reversed and cannot be used on a future order.