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KP Duty dry skin trio

KP Duty dry skin trio

Allow me to preface by saving that I did not buy this specific item number... I bought the parts of the trio separately so that I could buy the supersized lotion. I just had to review the products as a whole, though: I have had serious KP on my upper arms my whole life, and this regimen took it almost completely away in LESS THAN A DAY.

I used all three items last night, and then the primer and the lotion this morning... There are still a few spots, but they are a much lighter color (slight pink as opposed to an angry red). And there are NO BUMPS at all. My skin is completely smooth.

It is quite pricey, especially if you buy the big lotion instead, but you really don't need to use very much (I used pea sized amounts of each product on each arm, maybe less of the scrub). It should last awhile, so I really feel like it's worth the investment.

I am never, ever motivated to write reviews, but when a product solves a super annoying problem that I have had for decades in less than a day, I think it warrants some special attention. Thank you SO much, DermaDoctor!!!