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Born To Be Mild face & body cleanser

Born To Be Mild face & body cleanser

ive used head and shoulders for many years on my scalp and it works just fine as long as i use it twice a week but when it come to the seb derm on my face the product is way too harsh and irritates it. ive used all sorts of creams and potions over the years and up until finding this product i was using coconut oil to help control my condition. but the oil gave me spots so was never an ideal solution.

ive been using this cleanser now for just over a month and am now only washing with it once every two days before bed and its been working great the flakes are non existant and the redness has faded more on this product then it has done with any product ive tried in the last 4 years.

im really hoping this could be a long term solution for my seb derm as the zinc pyrithione stuff has worked in my hair for 15 plus years. as for the price it is expensive but a tube lasts an awful long time if u use it sparingly which is all my skin needs. and u can t put a price on self confidence.

buy it try it, but make sure u follows the instructions. it stung a bit at first but it was so much milder than the shampoo and less drying. i used it once a day for the first two weeks and as i said im now using it every other day hopefully in time i will get away with only using it twice a week but im not getting my hopes up. my conditions been very severe in the past and very hard to control hopefully i found a long lasting solution here after years of looking as one person said on these reviews i jus hope they keep making it otherwise i ll be screwed gud luk.