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Ain't Misbehavin' acne cleanser

Ain't Misbehavin' acne cleanser

I had horrible acne as a teenager... Huge, under the skin, painful cystic acne which later turned into scabs and scars. I had gotten a prescription as a teen and that worked wonders... And I enjoyed beautiful clear skin for about 5 years, save for the odd one that would pop up here an there.

When I was in my mid-20's the cystic acne came back with a vengeance and this time I even got a permanent pitted scar beside my mouth.

I went to the doctor about a year ago who prescribed me benza clin topical cream that turned my skin into alligator skin... No amount of moisturizer could stop my face from looking scaly... I couldn't wear foundation because it just highlighted how dry my skin was. She also said she could prescribe me antibiotic pills that I would have to take for as long as I would like the cysts to stay away (which is forever!!!)

I tried every "natural" remedy out there from coconut oil and baking soda (which actually is a nice exfoliant), honey, apple cider vinegar, you name it...I used Dermalogica Clean Start system and nothing will stop these bumps from hell.

I'm a gym rat so I sweat every day and no matter if I wash my face as soon as I finish my workout a new painful bump will greet me the next day. Ugh

I've read amazing reviews on this product and I received my order today and I used it as soon as I opened the box...

I can FEEL it working as soon as I put it on my skin. I let it sit there for about a minute before rinsing and I immediately noticed how much brighter, cleaner feeling and soft my skin looks. Obviously too early to tell how much it will impact my cystic acne but for the first time I am optimistic at finally controlling my awful skin problems. I'm 30 and sick of looking like an acne prone teenager! I thought good skin was one of the benefits of aging! This product will hopefully be the ticket to clear skin. :)

Ps you get a HUGE bottle of it so it seems expensive but you get a lot of product.