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KP 'double' Duty  (two 4 oz tubes)

KP 'double' Duty (two 4 oz tubes)

My son has suffered with KP (and eczema) since he was a few months old (he's 3 1/2 now). We've seen many dermatologists and while the eczema has been resolved nothing they tried would work on the KP. He had not only red skin & bumps but huge whiteheads on his thighs and upper arms. I bought KP duty because I was at my wit's end. I rarely believe those reviews on-line and have never written one of my own but THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!! I wish we'd taken before pictures because after the first use of the scrub & the KP lotion we saw inprovement. Now after 2 months, it is almost gone. I use the scrub 2X a week and the lotion 2x a day. At first I thought this was pricey but it is 100% worth every penny. What I pay for this is one co-pay of the RX stuff that didn't do a thing. My son is no longer miserable.