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KP 'double' Duty  (two 4 oz tubes)

KP 'double' Duty (two 4 oz tubes)

I have KP for all my life and I didn't know what it called until my lovely sister recommended this site to me. I tried all expensive products, but nothing ever drived my KP away. The very moment I read the concept, I totally realized that KP Duty was my life saver. I didn't hesitate to order a dual pack. You might find your skin kind of dry when applied on the first day or two, but believe me, don't lose your faith, just keep on applying - half coin size for each area works for me - you will see your skin become smoother, softer and little bumps would flatten up. I have been using KP Duty for almost 2 months now, the more I use it, the more I feel good about it. I am going to order my third pack in a day or two. If you are reading this, please do not wait or hesitate to try. You will find that the miracle does exist!