An Ode to Retinol, A Woman’s Best Friend

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An Ode to Retinol, A Woman's Best Friend

By now it’s no beauty secret that as we age, retinol becomes a woman’s best friend and greatest weapon against wrinkles and the ravages of time. Retinol, a pure, topical form of Vitamin A, helps increase skin’s thickness and collagen production, firming and refining the complexion and restoring its vibrancy – a literal fountain of youth.

Some retinol products, however, can be irritating, causing redness and peeling of the skin people often associate with the high-potency vitamin A prescription acne treatment Retin-A. So how can you get your maximum dose of age-fighting retinol without traumatizing your skin?

I have found the best solution to be DERMAdoctor’s Poetry in Lotion intensive 1% retinol. This smooth cream contains the highest potency pure retinol available (one percent) combined with a sophisticated anti-irritant complex to help reduce the concerns commonly associated with the use of retinol. The retinol in Poetry in Lotion is microencapsulated, resulting in a slow release that prolongs its action, and has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and other skin discolorations.

I apply just a pea-sized drop of this youth potion at night, before bed, after thoroughly cleansing my skin – by itself, with no other products so it can work its magic most effectively. In just a few weeks, I saw visible results. The key, as with anything powerful, is moderation. Poetry in Lotion is high-potency, so at first, you should only use it every other night – building up to every night if well tolerated.

The good news is that Poetry in Lotion was created by a dermatologist (DERMAdoctor founder Dr. Audrey Kunin) for use on all skin types – even sensitive skin – and tested well in clinical trials with no redness, dryness or irritation. It is also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores if that is a concern. You should, however, avoid Poetry in Lotion and all vitamin A topical treatments during pregnancy or while nursing.

If you’ve always wanted to try a retinol product but were afraid or unsure of its effects, I highly recommend working Poetry in Lotion into your skincare regimen. As its name suggests, it will make your skin sing its praises.

Amy Burger
DERMAdoctor Staff Writer

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