DOs and DON'Ts for Oily Skin

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Tips to avoid Oily SkinFor healthy, happy skin it's important to have a well-researched skin care routine that you follow regularly. But it's also important to follow a few 'rules' that cater to your skin type. If you have oily skin, here a few DOs and DON'Ts to keep the pimples and shine at bay.

The DOs:

Do wash every day and night - Those with oily skin need to vigorously adhere to their face-washing schedule. Choose a face wash that will combat oil and shine but not strip the skin of oils. We suggest our Ain't Misbehavin' medicated aha/bha acne cleanser, a soap free, oil free, pH balanced wash to unclog pores and treat breakouts.

Do use SPF - Exposure to the sun can cause acne flare-ups, so make sure you use a sunscreen everyday. If you are worried about SPF exacerbating your skin, we recommend our Ain't Misbehavin' skin clarifying & mattifying sunscreen spf 30 PA+++ which clarifies and mattifies skin and is ideal for anyone who is blemish prone, or has oily skin.

Do choose the right makeup - Make sure to purchase makeup that works with your skin. Look for powders, concealers and foundations labeled "shine-free" and/or "mattifying". When shopping for eye shadows and liners, search for long-lasting formulas that promise, "smudge-proof", "crease-proof" and ''budge-proof" wear.

Do clean your makeup brushes - Always use a brush or a sponge, instead of your fingers, to apply makeup. Make sure to toss the sponge before it accumulates germs and to wash your makeup brushes regularly.

The DON'Ts:

Don't skip the moisturizer - Oily skin needs moisture too, so don't skip this step!  Many women with oily skin believe they can get by without it, but your skin may overcompensate for the lack of moisture by producing more oils. Keep up the daily moisturizing, just make sure to pick one formulated for your needs, like our earlier mentioned Ain't Misbehavin' spf 30. The lightweight formula will keep skin hydrated without adding shine.

Don't pick or touch your face - Picking at pimples and red spots only adds dirt and germs to the skin surface and can turn little issues into big problems. Pay attention to your hands during the day and make an attempt to not lean your chin or cheeks on your hands while working at a desk. If you find you are an absent minded leaner or face rubber, make sure to wash your hands frequently.

Don't overmedicate - When faced with a breakout, it's tempting to pile treatment after treatment onto the skin. This can be counter-productive, as it doesn't allow your products to do their job. It can also lead to red, inflamed skin that is reacting to too many harsh products.  Instead try to be pro-active by treating skin to a once or twice a week treatment, like the Ain't Misbehavin' intensive skin-correcting sulfur acne mask which corrects and helps balance the natural skin chemistry to help prevent the formation of acne blemishes.

Don't sleep on a dirty pillowcase - Pillowcases absorb dirt, grease and grime and you spend eight hours a night resting your face on them! To keep your freshly washed faced clean, change your bed pillowcase frequently. Stock up on pillowcases during a sale and try to switch it out every other night.

No one has perfect skin, but by working with your skin type, you can take steps to have a clean, clear and shine-free face.

By Jen Mathews
DERMAdoctor Staff Writer

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