Double Duty Beauty Products

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Double Duty BeautyWe all love a multi-tasking product. Whether you are looking to save some space in your travel toiletry bag or save a couple of dollars, you'll be happy to know that many beauty products can pull double duty in a pinch. Here are our top five multi-tasking tips:

Lipstick = Blush:
There are only so many makeup items you can tote in your purse. If you find that your cheeks are in need of some color, but can't find a blush in your bag, use your favorite lipstick to add a rosy flush. A lip stain or creamy lipstick can be used on the face in a pinch, much like a cream blush, to give your face a glow.

Moisturizer = Flyaway Tamer:
Ever looked in the mirror during the middle of the day and find yourself horrified that your smooth hair has become frizzy and full of flyaways? Most of us don't carry hair products on the go, so it's time for some MacGyver type thinking. If you have some hand or body cream in your bag or on your desk, use it to tame the frizz. Apply the lotion to hands as normal, letting it sink into skin, then smooth your palms over the ends of your hair (avoiding the scalp) to calm the flyaway strands.

*If you are dealing with unwanted hair in places where it doesn't belong, such as your face, consider using Gorilla Warfare hair minimizing facial moisturizer.

Face Bronzer = Body Sculptor:
A face bronzer not only contours and highlights the face; it can do the same for the body.  Sweep you favorite bronzer over your best features to draw the eye and add depth to your favorite parts. For a sun kissed look, apply some bronzer over your collarbones and décolleté. To draw attention to those hours you’ve put into the gym, add some bronzer to the muscle indentation in your arms, legs and stomach to show off your hard work.

Body Wash = Shaving Cream:
It happens to everyone – you're in the shower, ready to de-fuzz, when you realize you are out of shaving cream.  In a pinch, a creamy body wash does the trick! Just apply a thin layer over the legs or arms and rub until the entire area is covered and the wash begins to foam, then shave as you normally would. (Those with sensitive skin may want to do a test patch first.) We recommend DERMAdoctor Litmus Test cleansing gel; it's fragrance, dye and irritant free.

Mascara = Brow Definer:
Looking to define your brows or tame unruly hairs but only have your beauty basics on you? Brown or lighter-colored waterproof mascara can pull double duty. Just carefully sweep the mascara wand up and over the tips of the brows to add some color and definition to brows and help lock them in place.

Do you have any favorite makeup multi-taskers? Let us know in the comments section below!

By Jen Mathews
DERMAdoctor Staff Writer

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