Fix Self Tanner Mistakes

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Fix Self Tanner MistakesA bronze glow is an enviable asset—particularly in the summer when so much skin is showing. And since most of us know to avoid the sun to get there, good self-tanning skills are a must. But it's not easy to hit the sweet spot of even color, and mistakes emerge as streaks and spots that tarnish your look. Fortunately, there are many remedies—some even in your kitchen—that help smooth things over when using a self tanner.

Usually, the best approach to ridding yourself of streaks and spots is to buff them off with a product that contains gentle grit.  KP Duty body scrub has smooth, nonabrasive synthetic beads and chemical exfoliants to help even out the color. The synthetic beads break down over time once rinsed down the drain so they are also environmentally friendly!

Dark spots are often the result of dry skin. To lighten up problem areas while toning skin and reducing cellulite, moisturize with DERMAdoctor's Shrinking Beauty, which contains hydrating botanicals and lipids to help nourish and even out the skin. And baby oil—once known for its ability to deepen a real tan, ironically—also works in a pinch to even tone.

The acidity in this citrusy staple helps break up color and even things out. Cut a lemon in half to rub over any streaks or dark spots, but be careful not to get it in your eyes or let it seep into any nicks or dings on your body. You can reapply again as often as needed to help lighten the color.

This versatile pantry staple has yet another trick up its sleeve: It's a skin-lightening agent. If you have hard-to-reach streaks, soak in a tub with 2 cups of baking soda for a half hour and exfoliate with a loofah. For smaller areas, mix it in a bowl with water to make a paste that can be directly applied to any streaks.

Just as it lifts coffee stains from your teeth, it is also effective in helping remove stray color that pools on the palms of your hands and between the fingers. Washing your hands thoroughly after application can help you sidestep this problem.

Missed spots can be a problem too, particularly if you used a product that's not tinted. For a quick fix, apply a body bronzer all over the area—not just on your white patch—so it won't stand out on your skin. You can also reapply sunless tanner to that area with a cotton ball.

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DERMAdoctor Staff Writer

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