From A to Zinc: Feed Your Face for Younger Skin

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Feed Your Face For Younger SkinThe path to anti-aging starts on your plate. Why? Nutrients are the building blocks for healthy skin that is the picture of beauty. Sprinkle your day with these snacks, which supplement your skincare routine in turning back the clock.

Vitamin A: The plant form of vitamin A, highly-pigmented "beta-carotene," literally gives you a glowing complexion. Rule of thumb: Look for richly-colored fruits and vegetables.

Its animal derivatives, retinols, help peel off the top layer of skin, ironing away wrinkles, firming skin and evening out skin tone. (The retinol in Poetry in Lotion intensive retinol 1.0 fights fine lines and age spots at the surface.) Snacks: Dried apricots; carrot sticks; sweet potato chips or baked sweet potato fries; dip with a kick of cayenne. Low-fat yogurt and milk are also great choices!

Vitamin C: The key to beating wrinkles is strengthening the protein that gives your skin structure: collagen. Low vitamin C is linked to dry skin and wrinkles. Boost collagen and stave off the sagging. Snacks: Mango; raw bell peppers. Bonus: Bell peppers have B6 to help regenerate skin tissue and keep it young.

Vitamin E: A strong antioxidant that fights off aging forces from the environment, like sun damage—a huge source of wrinkles later in life. Snacks: A handful of almonds; sunflower seeds.

Vitamin K: Not only helps with dark circles and discoloration, it helps keep the protein "elastin" healthy (think: elastic), so your skin stays supple and less wrinkle-prone. Snacks: Buy a bag of kale chips or bake your own (kale also has vitamins A & C!) or try dehydrated prunes.

Flavonoids: Plant compounds that assist in supporting your skin's immune system, protecting it against sun damage. Snacks: Sip on a couple cups of hot green and white tea. A slew of DERMAdoctor products have these tea extracts (KP Duty dry skin repair trio). And treat yourself to a square or two of dark chocolate (the real thing - dark cocoa is full of antioxidants). Pomegranates are also full of powerful antioxidants (Now it makes sense that pomegranate is one of many powerful ingredients in the Wrinkle Revenge ultimate hyaluronic serum!).

Niacin (vitamin B3): Helps moisturize skin. Snacks: Carbohydrates are not all bad. Our bodies need carbs actually to be able to perform everyday functions! Choose whole wheat or brown rice crackers.

Omega-3s: Can help to dial down inflammation for a clearer complexion. Helps seal in moisture by strengthening skin membranes. Snacks: Walnuts, flaxseed in a smoothie, edamame.

Zinc: Enhances collagen production and helps balance your skin’s moisture levels. Snacks: Hummus; cashews (keep in mind that one serving is around 17 cashews!).

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DERMAdoctor Staff Writer

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