Hairstyle How To: Create Soft, Beachy Waves

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Beachy WavesThe look this summer, and pretty much every summer, is a carefree approach to feminine elegance. The goal is to create slightly messy, yet beautiful hairstyles that are functional in the summer’s heat.

Beach or island waves are always a popular option as this style can be casual or formal depending upon your hair accessories and wardrobe. The look was popularized when women noticed that a combination of salt water and humidity created non-structured, large waves after a day by the ocean.

To recreate this natural looking hairstyle at will, we’ve experimented with many techniques to achieve sexy, beautiful, wavy hair. Here is one of the easiest ways to get those big, casual waves this summer – or even on a cold winter day!

1) Wash and condition hair as normal. Towel dry.

2) Comb through damp hair, removing any knots and part hair in the center. (Those with fine hair may want to first apply a volumizing mousse to help hair hold its shape.)

3) Separate each side into four equal sections (eight sections total).

4) Use a ponytail holders or scrunchies (that’s right – bust that scrunchie out!) to keep the sections separated.

5) Lightly spray all over with hair spray.

6) Twist each individual section until it coils tightly to the scalp.

7) Secure the coil to your head with bobby pins.

8) Blow dry on low until completely dry. If your blow-dryer has a diffuser, now is a great time to use it.

9) Once hair is dry, remove the bobby pins, hold head upside down and fluff out waves with fingers. Do not use a comb or brush, as they will work against the tousled look you are aiming to achieve.

10) Lightly spray again with hair spray to keep the waves in place.

This look is feminine, carefree and simply beautiful for summer. Best of all, since the goal is a tousled and carefree style, by the end of the day, your hair will still look gorgeous. You’ll soon find that this “messy’ hairdo is incredibly liberating and with this hairstyle in your beauty regime, this summer is sure to be fun!

By Jen Mathews
DERMAdoctor Staff Writer

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