Simple Tips to Make Your Pores Appear Smaller

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Smaller PoresDo you ever wish you could just tell your unsightly pores to get lost? The appearance of noticeable black spots on your nose, chin, and forehead can be embarrassing. The last thing you want people to notice in a picture or during an intimate moment is how clogged your pores are!

The struggle to shrink pores can be a constant battle for people of all ages. The fact of the matter is that you can't actually make your pores shrink or disappear entirely. Your skin needs pores in order to keep you alive. That clogged dirt you see is actually your body’s beautiful way of expelling the toxins that your skin takes in.

The good news is that there are ways to make them appear significantly smaller. The process of minimizing the appearance of pores all comes down to proper cleansing techniques. Don't let your pores get so clogged that they start to look like freckles. Stage a pore intervention using these simple techniques.

Its Never Too Late to Exfoliate
You should never underestimate the power of proper exfoliation. Your skincare routine should include an exfoliating facial cleanser like Wrinkle Revenge Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser to tackle problematic pores. You want to select a product with a texture that feels gritty without being harsh. The gritty texture will reach deep into your pores and help extract the oil that is causing them to appear dark and large. The process of gently scrubbing your skin will remove dead cells and dirt. There is no need to exfoliate your face on a daily basis. It is ideal to include exfoliation products in your beauty routine several times a week. You can also use Physical Chemistry Facial Microdermabrasion and Multiacid Chemical Peel to help rejuvenate the face.

Let Your Pores Breathe
Lathering moisturizer and heavy foundation on your skin on a daily basis is like feeding your pores a steady diet of junk food. You need to put your pores on a starvation diet every once in a while. Try to skip wearing makeup on the weekends or on days when you're simply lounging around the house. It goes without saying that your makeup should be fully removed every single night with the aid of a soothing and gentle facial cleanser. You should also wash your face before you exercise so that makeup doesn’t get trapped inside your pores as you sweat. Giving your pores a chance to breathe without being covered by foundation or moisturizing cream will allow them to naturally flush out dirt.

Take Charge of the Health of Your Pores
Do you feel like you need to tell your overactive pores to give you some breathing room? Maybe it's time to give your pores a chance to breathe by following these easy tips. Beautiful skin takes some work. These simple tips will take the work out of taming your pores.

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