Skincare 101: Transitioning into Fall

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Transitioning Into FallAs summer turns into fall, you'll need to change more than your wardrobe and makeup. To maintain beautiful, healthy skin, your skincare routine should transition as well. Using the same products throughout the seasons won't yield the same results. Summer heat and humidity causes your skin to produce more oil, while fall's cooler, drier weather can strip skin of oil and moisture. If you start making the transition between the two seasons, your skin will never realize the seasons ever changed!

Add Exfoliation

Cooler temps call for exfoliating more frequently as skin can become dry and flaky. Try an at-home microdermabrasion and multiacid peel like DERMAdoctor's Physical Chemistry to help gently exfoliate and resurface skin. energizes a dull, lifeless complexion while hydrating dry, flaky skin. This dual-action exfoliator prepares skin for deeper penetration of your winter serums and creams.

More Moisture

Dry, cool weather means your skin needs more moisture than it did during the summer. Summer heat causes you to perspire, leading to oil and clogged pores along with the need for a lightweight moisturizer. For fall, you may need to swap your moisturizer for a lush version like our Wrinkle Revenge rescue & protect facial cream, a powerful lotion that is suitable for all types of skin. This non-greasy cream firms, hydrates and protects skin while reducing irritation and sensitivity.

Make sure to apply moisturizer at least twice a day. Take note of the condition of your skin during the transition period; you might need to moisturize up to three times per day while your skin adjusts to the seasonal changes.

Making a Smooth Transition

You can't just change your skin routine overnight. Try starting with your new skincare regimen in the morning and sticking with your summer routine for a few weeks. Your skin will thank you for transitioning over time and not making any harsh or sudden changes on it!

For moisturizer, start by applying your lightweight serum twice a day when temperatures start to cool, like DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Ultimate Hyaluronic Serum. As soon as you start to notice your skin feeling tighter, switch to a thicker moisturizer like Calm Cool & Corrected. This is your skin's way of letting you know when it's time to change your skincare routine.

As always, the key is to study any changes in your complexion and work to correct any changes. The shift from summer to fall may be subtle, but your skin will be the first to notice. Keep an eye out for dryness or sensitivity and move onto your winter skincare products at the first sign of change. Then go outside and enjoy the incredible foliage and seasonal beauty of fall!

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