Smoothie Your Way into Glowing Skin!

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Smoothie to Glowing Skin

When it comes to skin care, and acne specifically, most of us only think of things we can put on the outside to conquer or prevent it. Did you know that what you put inside your body can also affect your skin?

How about giving your skin and body a nice boost of all around goodness with a protein-powered smoothie? There are so many options and all you need are some fresh ingredients and a blender.

One type that is hugely popular these days is the green smoothie - especially when it comes to helping clear up acne and fighting the signs of aging. Yes, they look a little scary but they don't have to taste that way! Smoothies are actually very tasty and filling.

Here is one recipe that can help you ease into it:

  • Blend 1 cup fresh greens (spinach, kale, and any other leafy greens)
  • Add 2 cups fresh or frozen fruit (bananas, grapes, pineapples, apples and/or berries) to above mixture and blend
  • Add enough liquid (milk, soy milk, coconut milk or water) to give your smoothie some texture and blend thoroughly
  • Pineapple is a tasty treat in a smoothie and full of enzymes and antioxidants

Getting enough vitamins from vegetables is also seen as a step in helping to fight off aging, increase energy levels and encourage hair and nail growth.

Plan on having one of these smoothies at least once a day. Consider it one of your daily snacks and you will soon see glowing skin (and increased health and vitality) in a few weeks! You may want to start to vary some of the greens in the smoothie. Don't be afraid to experiment to give yourself some variety. For example, some ingredients you may want to consider are: wheatgrass, ground flax seed, maca powder, ginger root, coconut flakes or spirulina. It's your health, so try something a little different each time so the green smoothie doesn't start to bore your taste buds. Enjoy!

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DERMAdoctor Staff Writer

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