Stress and the Single Girl

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Stress and the Single Girl

Skin is the external portrait of what's going on inside our bodies, and in the case of stress, it's usually not a pretty picture. Chronic stress makes skin more sensitive and reactive, which can inflame acne, worsen psoriasis and rosacea, and trigger painful fever blisters. Plus, when you're fretting over your problems, you may lack the time or energy to follow through on your usual skin-care regimen.

Research shows that when patients treat their skin and their stress, both problems dissipate much more quickly. Life can be tough when you don't have a partner to rely on for emotional support—or even just an occasional plumbing problem—so try these five scientifically proven stress-zapping strategies to help you ease your troubled mind!

1. Try mindfulness meditation:

This type of meditation focuses on increasing your awareness and acceptance of living in the present moment, decreasing anxiety and stress. For free downloads of meditation exercises, visit

2. Enjoy a cup of tea:

Make firing up that tea kettle a morning ritual: Researchers found that after just six weeks of drinking black tea every day, subjects had lower cortisol levels and an increased feeling of relaxation. White tea is also a powerful antioxidant and great for the skin! Try skincare that incorporates white tea to sooth and calm overly-irritated skin, such as Ain't Misbehavin' intensive skin-correcting sulfur acne mask.

3. Take a yoga class:

Study after study shows that yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety and boosts overall mood. And you don't have to devote a ton of free time to reap the benefits; just striking a simple pose when you're feeling overwhelmed may be enough do the trick. For a complete list of stress-busting poses, visit

4. Get a massage:

Massage therapy—whether it's Swedish or deep tissue—has been shown to decrease heart rate, lower blood pressure and relieve stress and anxiety. To find a qualified practitioner in your area, visit

5. Take a walk:

Exercise is healthy for both the body and the mind. Research shows that walking releases endorphins in the brain—the feel-good chemicals that stimulate relaxation and boost your mood. And you don't have to rush around at a fast clip: Even strolling at comfortable pace will reap you a benefit.

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