Tips to Stay on Trend in the Hair Care Department this Summer

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Hair TrendsHairstyles during the summer lean toward relaxed and casual, beach-ready looks. There's a time and a place for carefully sculpted, not-a-hair-out-of-place, styles, but it’s not during the height of summer. This season, three big trends are making waves on style mavens everywhere, and we've got the details on how to achieve the looks of the summer.

Braids - Braids are all the rage this summer. Whether on top of the head, hanging down the back, single or multiple; any style with braids is a sure-win. Not only are they the height of fashion this season, they are also fabulous for those hot days. There are several methods for accomplishing braids: the French braid, the waterfall braid, the snake and many other creations. There is no single method regarding braids for this summer, nothing is off-limits, so go wild with it. Check out Pinterest for lots of fun braid tutorials.

Loose Waves and Curls - This "beachy" look is feminine, carefree and simply beautiful for summer. Layered hair works wonders for this style, especially if complimented by the much sought-after (and still in vogue) ombre hair coloring. Getting a carefree tousled look is easy – in fact, we’ve posted a simple How To: Create Soft, Beachy Waves tutorial to help you get the look.

Loose Updos -The loose updo can literally be created by simply grabbing hair and pinning it back with bobby pins, but for more creative updos, try these two options: a set of bohemian buns and the messy two-part bun.

The bohemian buns include making three to five ponytails at the back of the head along the nape of the neck. Place the ponytails in a zigzag design and tie with a hair elastic. Finally, form each ponytail into loose buns and secure with bobby pins.

The two-part bun is a little trickier, but fairly easy to accomplish. Start by spraying hair with a desired styling product and teasing all parts of the underside of the hair to create volume. Section off and secure the top portion of the hair to use at a later point. Create a ponytail in the back of the head. Take another elastic to create a messy bun around this ponytail. (This is achieved by placing the elastic around some of the hair and pulling other parts through.) Pin the hair towards the scalp creating a doughnut appearance. Release the top hair from the clips and pull it back with an elastic shortly above the bun. Pull the ponytail through the top of the elastic between two parts. With the remaining hair hanging through, create a small bun or pin curl and secure with a bobby pin.

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