Wrinkles Are Adorable on a Sharpei; Not on Me!

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Sharpei wrinkles

Sharpeis are so adorable. I think it’s those deep wrinkle folds that simply beg to be pinched. What makes a sharpei look, well, like a sharpei and not a pug? This breed of canine has a defect in the genetic make-up of their skin. A gene known as HAS2 responsible for producing dermal Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is faulty in the sharpei. In mature human skin, it’s simply less active. This deep tissue filler substance provides lift and volume to the skin. Without out it, skin sags and develops deep creases. On a sharpei it’s cute; on your face, not so much. Those lines that run from the nose to the mouth, nasolabial folds, become pronounced with the loss of dermal HA. One way to help restore lift and volume is DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Serum. It contains Calcium Ketogluconate, a powerful ingredient shown to support skin’s natural filler. With continued use, the face becomes re-volumized, cheekbones become better defined and the face looks youthful. Wrinkle Revenge Serum is an alternative for costly and often painful injectable wrinkle fillers.

Audrey Kunin, M.D.

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