Shipping and Packing Materials

Earth Friendly Packing MaterialsDERMAdoctor realizes the growing desire for environmentally-friendly options. We use EarthAware, a line of eco-friendly bag film materials for air pillow cushioning of products during shipping.

EarthAware is a strong, durable low-density polyethylene with an additive that causes it to be biodegradable. EarthAware Recycled Pillows are made entirely from recycled pre-consumer bags and film scrap.  The material performance remains intact, as biodegradation only occurs when in contact with other biodegradable material, such as the conditions in landfills or home and commercial composting.

DERMAdoctor also uses recycled corrugated cardboard shipping boxes made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.  This recycled corrugated cardboard is more environmentally friendly than ever, able to accept non-toxic water-based inks and also to be processed without bleaching.  Ozone-depleting chemicals have been virtually eliminated from the manufacture of recycled corrugated cardboard; the use of heavy metals has been dramatically reduced; over 97% of inks on boxes are now water-based and non-toxic; and virtually all box plant trimmings (waste from manufacturing) are recycled.