5 Summer Hair Sins

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5 Summer Hair SinsSummer is the time when the living is easy, but the sun, surf, and humidity can be hard on your hair. Make sure you protect your strands from five of the most damaging seasonal pitfalls.

Even though hair can’t develop a sunburn or suspicious moles, it doesn’t mean it’s immune to solar power. Excessive exposure can make it weak, dry and brittle—even more so if it’s chemically treated. Cover up your tresses with a sun hat whenever possible, and keep it moisturized all season with deep conditioner.

Chlorine is a powerful chemical that’s great for sanitizing swimming pools—but it’s not so miraculous for your hair. Before diving in, apply a leave-in conditioner to wet hair to help keep Chlorine from penetrating the hair shaft. And always rinse with non-chlorinated water as soon as you emerge from the pool, so it has less of a chance to turn your tresses green.

Nothing can conjure up a bad hair day faster than a muggy summer day. Curly-haired women have to beat back the frizz, while straight-tressed gals battle limp locks. Now’s the time to use shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that are specifically designed for your hair type, whether it’s fine, frizzy, or color treated. If your mane goes ballistic during the day, silicone-based serums tame frizz, and applying hairspray to the roots can amp up the volume.

Summer is the sweaty season, and you may be compensating by taking more frequent showers. But just because you’re hosing down, it doesn’t mean you need to lather up your hair. Frequent shampooing strips hair of its natural, moisturizing oils. For silkier strands, suds up only a few times a week. People with oily hair can use a dry shampoo on the in-between days.

While ocean water isn’t as harsh as chemically treated swimming pools, its high saline concentration can pull moisture from your strands. Rinse your hair with fresh water when you emerge from the surf, either at a beach shower station or with a bottle of tap water you have stashed in your bag.

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