6 Tips to Avoid Unsightly Ingrown Hairs!

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Ingrown HairsIngrown hairs are unsightly bumps that are one side effect of shaving, waxing and other types of hair removal.  Ingrown hairs, which are also referred to as razor bumps, are caused when the hair becomes clogged inside of the hair follicle; in some cases, the hair grows into the skin, thus resulting in a red, irritated bump, that can be painful. Overall they’re really unappealing and can make the sufferer feel insecure. The best way to treat ingrown hairs is to avoid getting them in the first place.

Here are some tips for preventing ingrown hairs:

1. Exfoliate your skin before removing hair.  One way to prevent ingrown hairs is to exfoliate the skin before shaving. Exfoliating the skin helps remove dead skin, unwanted dirt, oil and unevenness that can trigger the growth of ingrown hairs, so keeping your skin smooth before shaving is a great way to minimize the risk of ingrown hairs. However, don’t exfoliate right before shaving; instead exfoliate one to two days prior to shaving because it helps minimize irritation but do a test to see what works best for you.  KP Duty is a great exfoliator for the skin on your legs and body.  Be sure to apply daily – but not right after shaving.  Physical Chemistry will help get your facial skin nice and smooth – great for women and men!

2.  Shower with warm or hot water for three minutes.  Before you shave, you need to shower with warm or hot water for three minutes.  Doing so will help soften the hair follicle so the hair comes out easily.  When the hair becomes easier to remove, the chances of developing ingrown hair is dramatically decreased.

3. Use a moisturizing shaving cream.  Using a moisturizing shaving cream can help you keep the skin moisturized, and it softens the follicle.  Applying a nice layer of shaving cream also prevents you from shaving the same spot over and over again, which can cause irritation.

4. Hone a technique.  Shaving from the ankle to the knee is another way to prevent ingrown hairs.  The reason why you should shave this way is because it allows you to shave against the hair growth, thus preventing ingrown hairs.  Using long even strokes is also a great way to avoid irritation.

5. Hold the razor from the top of the handle.  Holding the razor near the top helps you control the amount of pressure you’re using on your skin. The key to avoiding ingrown hairs is to be gentle.

6. Pat instead of rubbing.  When drying your body, avoid rubbing the towel against your skin because the friction can cause irritation. Instead, use a cotton towel and pat your skin in gentle motions.

Ingrown hairs can be difficult to treat so it’s important to learn how to prevent them.  By following these easy tips, ingrown hairs will be a problem of the past.

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