Be Bold! Tips for Adding Bright Colors to Your Makeup Palette

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Adding Bright MakeupSummer is the time to get a little daring and add some bright color to your makeup routine. While many of us are comfortable in our neutral makeup look, a pop of bold color can add new life to a static routine. We're not talking '80s all-over neon, just a subtle touch of brightness can amp up your style and have you looking on-trend this summer.

Here are our five favorite ways (in order of boldness) to add a punch of color to your makeup palette.

Nail Polish – Perhaps the easiest way to add some daring color is with nail polish. If you're unsure of working with bright shades on your face, a dash of bold color on your nails is the way to go. This season anything goes – pink, orange yellow, green, blue, purple – they all can add some pizzazz to your style. Invest a few bucks in a couple of bright drugstore polishes and experiment to see which hues look best with your skin tone.

Eyeliner When you're ready to add some bold color to your face, start with eyeliner. Just a small bit of color framing your eyes can make a big impact. Start with a bright blue or vibrant green to mesh with your neutral eye shadow and make your peepers pop! Look for waterproof formulas to keep liner in place during the heat and humidity of summer.

Lip Gloss – Another subtle way to get in some color is with a sheer lip-gloss. Reaching for a bold gloss in vivid coral or pink is a great way to add some life and sparkle to your lips and face without overloading the color. During these summer months, go for a vivid coral, orange or pink to highlight your faux tan. The sheerness of the gloss will add some fun color without overwhelming your look.

Eye Shadow – Ready to move it up a notch? It's time to go bold with shadows! First pick a dramatic hue that compliments your eye color  - you can check out our Color Theory post to find the best shades for your eyes. Then swipe your color of choice along the entire lower lid and up to the crease. Then use a medium to dark brown in the crease and blend, blend, blend. Add a light, highlighting shade just under the brows and blend again. By keeping the bright color to just the lower lids, you'll keep from looking like you came from the '80s while adding a modern take on bold color.

Lipstick – Want to really make a statement? There's no bolder look than a bright lipstick.  Keep the rest of your makeup neutral and play up your pout with a bold pink or red. You'll be amazed at how just a few swipes of color can completely change your look. Stick to a creamy lipstick with a bit of shine, as a matte formula can be drying and emphasis fine lip lines. To ensure the bold color stays inside lips and doesn't smear, line the lips with a matching lip liner.

Once you start playing with color, you'll soon find there is nothing scary about bold hues. Stick to concentrating on one facial feature and work with the colors that best suit your complexion. Soon you'll break out of your neutral rut and join the world in living color.

By Jen Mathews
DERMAdoctor Staff Writer

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