Beautiful Hair Color at Home

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Beautiful Hair ColorCovering gray or boosting your natural hue with a bright new shade doesn't have to break the bank or be overly complicated. Try these pro-worthy tips in your own bathroom, and no one will suspect you didn’t step right out of a salon.

MOISTURIZE FIRST. Color takes more consistently to hydrated strands, so use a leave-in conditioner or masque the day before (and preferably at least once a week) to keep the dry frizzies at bay.

DON'T WASH YOUR HAIR. Coloring freshly washed hair may irritate the scalp, and if you strip out all of the natural oils, you run the risk of having the color absorb too deeply. A buildup of products can impact how well the color takes, though, so rinse it out with warm water before applying any dye.

SELECT THE RIGHT SHADE. To be sure you have the color you want, do a strand test. Gather a small section that’s not easily visible (like at the nape of the neck) and let the color set for the time on the box instructions. If you like the result in natural light, color your whole head. As a rule of thumb, it's best to use a color a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural color, since dramatic changes can produce mixed results.

AVOID SKIN STAINS. Spread Vaseline along your hairline with your finger or a cotton ball to prevent drips from staining your forehead and temples. If you do get stains, apply baby oil or toothpaste to loosen up the color. Avoid using nail polish remover:  while effective, it's hard on skin and there is a risk of it seeping into your eyes.

USE PRO TOOLS. Stock up on essentials at your local beauty-supply store: a clothes-protecting smock (or just use an old shirt), a plastic slant-tip applicator bottle, and a stiff-bristled brush to help coat strands evenly.

SKIP AT-HOME HIGHLIGHTS. It may be ill advised to do these at home, since they're tough to place and can end up looking like stripes. If you do want to try it at home, stick to the area around your face where you can best see where you are applying the color.

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