Best Party Makeup Looks

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Party MakeupA party is the time that we can go all out and even experiment a bit with our makeup. Nighttime is the right time to make bold statements with our looks, and even brides are allowed to be a bit bodacious if they’re going to be married at night. However, we don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror applying the best party makeup looks for a nighttime bash. We’ve got a few great tips and tricks to share with you!

First, apply a dab of eye cream followed by DERMAdoctor DD Cream, which is a self-adjusting formula that helps prime, mattify, minimize pores, even skintone and brighten the complexion.

Next, use a blush that's just a bit brighter than the one you use for work or daytime. It will give you the perfect flush.

Add some bronzing powder to the neck and if they’re showing, the chest and the shoulders. Use a light hand with the bronzing brush.

One of the more fun things you can do is to use shimmer on your eyes, lips or cheeks. One caveat is that shimmer should only be used on one or two areas and not all three. Don’t overdo it!

Another makeup component to experiment with is lipstick. During the night, it’s perfectly okay to wear a darker lipstick. Shades of plum or burgundy, deep raisin, deep chocolate or blackberry are perfect.

Smoky eyes can be ideal for an evening soiree, but they shouldn’t be worn with dramatic lipstick. Apply a white shadow over the entire lid with a brush and then apply a smoky color on the lower lid. Layer the colors to make them darker and finally add a deep color on top and in the crease of the eye. Layer a more smoky color on the crease and then use your finger to soften it. Add a lighter shade to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. Then, use dark eyeliner just beneath the eye at the outside corner and work in. Soften with a fingertip or a Q-tip and smudge everything a bit with a clean brush.

However, if smoky eyes are a little too daring for you, try just a simple dark eyeshadow applied to the lid and blended out into the crease. It’s also good to add a white highlighter right under the eyebrows for definition. Or, skip the eyeshadow all together and go for a dramatic cat eye liner and bold lips.

Nighttime is also the time to experiment with metallic colors like copper, bronze, silver and platinum. A shimmery bronzer can be applied along with copper lips. Other, paler metallic colors can be beautiful when paired with black eyeliner. False eyelashes will make the look even more glamorous.

After the makeup is applied, it's time to spritz on a deliciously sensuous fragrance and put on our wildest chandelier earrings. A slinky dress with spaghetti straps and stilettos should complete the look. Now, with everything in place, you should be the life of the party!

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