How to Add Volume to Your Hair

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Add VolumeAll the celebrity hairstyles women crave have one thing in common: volume. Dull, flat, lifeless isn't sexy, and it's a problem many deal with on a daily basis. But remember, even celebrities have to deal with limp hair days. They just happen to always have a stylist on hand to fix the situation. Luckily, with a few tools and products you can get full tresses that are voluminous, bouncy and full of life.

The Right Cut

You should start with getting the right haircut to create the illusion of full hair. Long, heavy styles usually lose volume quickly. Short and medium length haircuts help to emphasis natural volume. However, if you add in layers, even long hair can look full and luscious. Tell your stylist you want layers that add volume to ensure you get the right style.

Clean and Repeat

If you tend to use a lot of products, start with a clarifying shampoo when you wash. The more styling products that build up on your hair, the more it will be weighed down. You'll restore your hair's natural volume, and adding some extra fullness will be much easier.

Next, you'll need a volumizing shampoo and conditioner made for your hair type. When you wash, ensure you focus the shampoo on the roots. When you condition, avoid the roots at all costs. You don't want to over-moisturize the roots, which will cause hair to lay flat against the scalp.

Dry and Style

You'll need a blow dryer, large round brush, heat protectant, volumizing mousse and medium to large rollers for the perfect full look. Start by applying a small amount of volumizing mousse to your roots. Next, section your hair and spritz with heat protectant.

Lift each section at the roots with the large round brush and blow dry. Drying up from the roots helps boost hair and give you natural volume. Using the brush will also help prevent frizz. Once each section is almost completely dry, finish the section with cold air to help further set the style.

If you have the volume you're looking for at this point, spray with hairspray and style as usual. If not, you'll need to use medium to large rollers to increase your volume. Using larger rollers prevents tight curls and gives you a natural, wavy look.

Heat the rollers and wrap your hair. The rollers only need to set for a few minutes to get extra volume. If you want a slightly curly or wavy look, leave the rollers in for up to 15 minutes. Always read the instructions to ensure you use them correctly.

Daily Touch Up

If you start to lose some bounce midway through the day, you can always add a little more volume with this quick touch up. Bend over at the waist and flip your head upside down, then brush from the roots down to the ends. This boosts your roots and adds volume. You can add a quick spritz of hairspray to your roots before brushing to help keep that extra volume and prevent flyaways.

Hair that is full of volume can take a little work, but it's worth the effort. Make sure your haircut gets the most from your hair type and follow these tips and trick to add some life to your style. Soon bouncy, shampoo commercial worthy hair can be yours!

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