How to Create the Perfect Cat Eye Every Time

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Perfect Cat EyeA dramatic cat eye adds precise flair to your makeup look. This eye-catching style is quicker and easier than it looks, and can be done easily in just a few minutes. Try these tips for an easy cat eye liner with minimal fuss.

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You will need an eyeshadow primer and your favorite eye liner pen, as well as cotton swabs, and eye makeup remover. Any type of cotton swabs will work fine, but precision-tipped cotton swabs designed for makeup application will work better than soft tipped ones. Waterproof liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner are also two great products to use to create a perfect cat eye.

Start by applying the eyeshadow primer; this will lock your eyeliner in place all night. Choose a primer with anti-aging ingredients for reducing fine lines and creases around the eye area.

There are a few different methods you can use to apply the eyeliner in the distinctive triangular shape. To apply liner freehand, start at about the middle of the upper lid, and line outward to the outside corner of your eye. Line the rest of the top lid, and use the eyeliner to define the inner corner. Using the curve of your lower lid for reference, draw a line upward from the outer corner of your eye to the natural shadow of the eye socket. Draw another line from the top of your eyelid to create a triangle, and then fill in the shape to create the perfect cat eye liner look. Finish your look by cleaning up any stray eyeliner with precision cotton swabs and gentle makeup remover.

If you are still unsure of the process or more of a visual learner, YouTube is a great source for tips on how to create a precise and simple cat eye!

You don't need to be a makeup professional to look great. Learning how to create the perfect cat eye liner is simply a matter of practice. Pick up your favorite beauty products and try it at home today.

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