How to Do Bridal Makeup

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Bridal MakeupBridal makeup isn't the same as your daily work makeup or night out routine. Whether you're the bride or a bridesmaid, you don't want the big day ruined by your makeup fading at the wrong time. While the process is a little more complex, if you follow these tips, you won't have to worry about constantly touching up your look or cringing when you finally see your wedding photos.

Create a Strong Base

If you want your makeup to last through the wedding and reception, you have to create a strong base. Start by cleansing and applying our DD cream dermatologically defining bb cream broad spectrum spf 30. The latest from DERMAdoctor, this multifunctional corrective beauty balm provides lightweight, self-adjusting coverage, a mineral-based SPF 30, and acts as a primer for your makeup.

The Usual Coverage

Before you start applying your makeup, ensure you have long wear products. Look for foundation, concealer, eye products and lip products that are guaranteed to last for 12 hours or more.

Now it's time to apply your foundation. Use a sponge, wedge or foundation brush to apply for best coverage. While you may not need foundation everyday, it will help create a flawless complexion during a long day of photos and infrequent touch-ups.

Follow up with concealer. Use sparingly to prevent splotching after hours of continuous wear. Apply concealer under your eyes and on imperfections such as red spots and acne.

Bring Out Your Color

Get the glowing bride look by lightly applying blush to your cheeks. Use a very light pink just to give your cheeks a hint of natural color. Contour and highlight your face with bronzer and highlighter.

For contouring with bronzer, apply in the hollows of your cheekbones (try sucking in your cheeks to see where to apply it), on your temples, and along your jawline. Highlight above your cheekbones, brow bone, inner eyes and nose. Never use too much of either or the lines will contrast, making you look over done.

Beautiful Eyes and Lips

Always use waterproof eye makeup in case you cry or sweat. Stick with more neutral eye shadow colors since fading doesn't show as easily. For lasting color, use a cream-based color topped with a matching power shadow. For a more stunning effect, apply a light color over the lid, followed by a medium color on the crease and then a darker color in the outer area between your lashes and crease. Apply your liner and mascara to make your eyes really pop and give you that wide-awake look.

When it comes to your lips, line your lips and apply a long lasting lip stain to set your color. Cover with a moisturizing lipstick or lip-gloss. Remember that super shiny glosses aren't photo friendly. Carry your lipstick or gloss with you for quick touch-ups after kisses, drinking or eating.

Finally, set your makeup with powder and a setting spray. The combination will keep makeup from running or fading throughout your wedding.

You're ready to go! By following these tips and creating a canvas of long-wear color, you can be sure you’ll look your best (and have the photographs to prove it) no matter what the day brings.

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