In the Bag: 5 Makeup Tools to Add to Your Bag

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Makeup ToolsMany women travel throughout the day with a stash of makeup necessities for cosmetic touch ups and beauty emergencies. These little pouches can come in handy on days you visit the gym, evenings when you're going straight from work to dinner or a happy hour, and for those moments when you need a quick beauty pick-me-up.

Most makeup totes include the essentials, like blush, powder, lip gloss and concealer. But sometimes you need a little something extra. Besides the basic cosmetics, here are 5 makeup tools that can easily slip inside your makeup bag and can help rescue you from a beauty emergency.

Eyelash curler – Eyelash curlers are one of the simplest and quickest ways to add some life to a tired face. A quick crimping of the lashes can help visually lift and open eyes and draw attention to your pretty peepers. Keep this tool in your travel tote for the days when coffee isn't cutting it, and you need to look wide-awake at your morning meetings.

Blending sponge – A simple triangle-shaped, drugstore purchased blending sponge can be your go-to tool when making up on the run. Instead of a bulky brush, use this sponge to blend concealer to hide under eye circles or when covering a newly sprouted pimple. They can also be used to add a swipe of blush across lifeless cheeks and to dab away smudged or smeared eye makeup.

Metal nail file – A metal nail file can be your friend for life. Pull this baby out whenever you accidentally break a nail, or to file away any chipped polish spots on the end of your nails. This inexpensive tool will last years and unlike their disposable counterparts, will not break when crammed into your makeup tote or fall apart if they come in contact with liquids.

Blotting papers – When you are feeling rushed or anxious, it is easy to show it on your face. When your body is reacting to stressful factors, oftentimes a sheen of sweat or oil may appear over your carefully applied makeup. Use a sheet of blotting paper to whisk away oil and shine without disturbing your makeup. These little papers also come in handy during the hot, humid days of summer and those mornings you have to run the last few blocks to catch the bus to work.

Make up wipes If you tend to suffer from smudged eye makeup, a moist towelette can help fix any smears. Carry a small package of makeup removing wipes to erase any cosmetic flaws or smudges. These handy little towels serve double duty as portable napkins and instant stain stoppers for when you spill your morning coffee on your new white shirt.

As the Boy Scouts say, "Be prepared."  Add these five tools to your makeup bag and you'll be ready to face whatever the day throws at you.

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