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Do you ever look closely in the mirror at your face and feel like you are staring into the craters of the moon? Enlarged pores can be as annoying and embarrassing as the blackheads and acne that can show up too. No matter how much makeup you put on, they just can’t be covered up – in fact, caking on the makeup can often make them look even larger. You can’t help wonder if anyone else notices them as much as you do.

Pores aren’t really our enemies though. Without them we’d have nowhere for hair to grow out of, or any way for skin oils to reach the surface and protect it from environmental dehydration. We definitely need them, but when they become enlarged, it’s a problem.

Pores become enlarged for a number of reasons. Genetics can come into play – those with oily skin tend to have more noticeable pores. Sun damage and aging definitely play a role, and poor exfoliation can contribute to the problem as well. Blackheads and enlarged pores also tend go hand-in-hand. Blackheads can either expand pores or simply focus attention on them.

So what do you do when you feel like the world is staring directly into your gaping pores? Try Picture Porefect pore minimizer from DERMAdoctor. This silky soft serum is great for all skin types, but especially oily and acne-prone skin and immediately reduces the appearance of pores as well as significantly reducing the appearance of acne over time.

Picture Porefect is a master of illusion. While a pore’s physical diameter cannot be changed, Picture Porefect is proven to give superior results in helping pores appear smaller by removing excess skin oils, cropping out blackheads and smoothing out edges.

I smooth Picture Porefect over my entire face daily after washing it and before applying moisturizer. DERMAdoctor's patented Sebum Sequestering Micro-Particles literally soak up the excess oils produced by my skin’s sebaceous glands while Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acid’s and Azelaic Acid refine my pores for a perfectly flawless face.

When I apply my makeup after using Picture Porefect, it goes on smooth, evening out my skin’s appearance rather than calling more attention to my pores and blemishes. Now people notice my smile – not my pores.

Amy Burger

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