Straighten Your Hair Like A Pro

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Straighten Hair Like A ProYou don't always have the time or money to visit the salon to straighten your hair. However, if you don't do it correctly at home, you could end up with severely dry and damaged locks. Luckily, once you know the proper technique, you can get healthy, shiny, straight hair, right at home.

What You'll Need:

Straight hair isn't as simple as attacking it with a flat iron. You'll need the proper tools before you get started. First, start by choosing the right flat iron for your hair type. For short or thin hair, choose narrower plates no larger than 1 inch wide. For long or thick hair, look for wider plates up to 2 inches to cover more at a time. Choose a flat iron with variable heat settings and plates made from (not coated with) titanium, ceramic or tourmaline to reduce potential damage.

Now for one of the most important tools – heat protectant. Look for a heat protectant spray, serum or cream that is made for straightening and strengthening. The combination will help protect your hair and reduce the amount of heat needed to straighten hair. If your hair is particularly frizzy or curly, you'll also need a flexible hold hairspray.

Steps To Straighten Hair:

1.    Start by washing and drying your hair to remove any residue from products like hairspray or leave in conditioners. Apply heat protectant on dry hair and comb through.

2.    Now for the main event: even though you might be tempted to turn up the heat to hurry things along, don't do it! For fine or damaged hair, set the heat no higher than 300 degrees. Medium or average hair requires a heat setting between 300-350 degrees. Thick or coarse hair requires a slightly higher temperature, ranging from 350-400 degrees. If you notice any damage after straightening, turn down the heat to find the best temperature for your hair type.

3.    Pre-heat your flat iron and divide your hair into three sections – the lower or under layers, the middle layers, and the top or crown layer. When your flat iron is hot, start with a ½ inch to 2 inch section of lower layer hair just below the root to maintain your hair's volume.

4.    Smooth the iron down the section at a slow, but steady pace. The flat iron should never be in one spot more than a few seconds. Repeat the process for each section of hair in the lower and middle layers.

5.    For the top layer of hair, get the flat iron as close to the roots as possible to prevent frizz. Use the same steady pace for each section of hair.

6.    Once all hair is straight, spritz hair spray to reduce any potential flyaways. If you don't have problems with frizz, use a shine spray instead to get that straight from the salon shine.

Getting smooth, straight, salon-worthy hair at home is possible. Like most things, a little practice and patience will soon lead to perfection!

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