Top Nail Polish Picks for Spring and Summer

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Top Nail Polish PicksSummer is the best time to flaunt your fashionista side. Daring outfits, bold colors, and flirty prints are everywhere, but the key to a perfectly polished summer look is fashionable nails.

To celebrate the season of manis and pedis, we’ve rounded up a few tips to keep your digits looking on-trend this summer.

Daring ColorsAlmost all nails look great in pink or red, but don't be afraid to go bold and try something new. Now is the time to paint your tips ocean blue, stark white or sunny orange. If you want to be on top of the biggest trends, reach for the “Color of the Year” emerald green or try the retro ‘80s look and rock some neon hues.

Bold Prints – Nail art is as hot as the sun right now. Show off your creative skills (or your manicurist's) and add some pattern to your nails. Polka dots, stripes, chevron - anything you can imagine. If you have trouble handling a brush, nail polish pens make things easier. A few bottles of polish, a nail pen and an icy cold drink - what better way to spend the afternoon by the pool?

Tip: If you don’t have the skills to create your own patterns, visit the drugstore and check out the myriad of press-on nail appliqués. You’ll get a picture perfect print for your nails with the added bonus of zero dry time.

Mix and MatchThink every nail needs to be the same? Wrong! Jump on the "bling finger" trend by painting your ring finger nail a different color. You can also make an accent nail stand out by adding a print or even a jewel. If you are feeling really adventurous, go ahead and paint each nail a different, but complementary color.

Fade Out – The ombre look is still going strong. If you don’t want to go the more permanent route of dying your hair in this trend-setting style, try it on your nails. You can paint each nail with the look, or spread it across all 10 fingers by varying your nail polish color slightly from finger to finger.

Nail trends are one of the best ways to jump on a summer fashion without a hefty price tag. Grab a few bottles of polish with this season's hottest colors and go wild! For a few dollars, you can really stand out from the crowd and have something no one else has. Just remember: keep it clean, keep it bold, and keep it you!

By Jen Mathews
DERMAdoctor Staff Writer

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